Real Estate Agent Denia

Real Estate Agent Denia

Are you buying, renting or selling property in Denia in Spain, and looking for a serious real estate agent who can help you through the process? We at Javea Sales & Rentals have english speaking real estate agents who are experts in buying and selling property in Denia. In this article we give you everything you need to know about real estate in Denia.

The prices of property in Denia have been stable for many years. There is a lot for sale, but could be hard to find properties with very good european standard, therefore the risk is low when you invest in properties in Denia. The rental prices are high, and this means that you can get a good extra income by renting out your home to people on holiday, when your not useing the property yourself.

English real estate agent in Denia

Many people ask whether it is important to work with a english speaking real estate agent when buying and selling a property in Denia. A home is so much more than four walls and a roof. And for most people, property represents the biggest purchase they will ever make. Having a english-speaking real estate agent as an objective third party, helping you through the jungle of rules, and papers in a language that you don’t know so well, is an important security.

A English real estate agent in Denia also lives in the area, and can give you important local knowledge about schools, kindergartens, activities and services. In addition, a english real estate agent will be able to give you advice and guidance on how to register as a resident of the municipality, taxes and fees, as well as how to acquire services that you will need down the road.

How does a real estate agent work in Denia?

Whether you want to buy, rent or sell a property in Denia, a real estate agent can prove to be a very useful investment. A real estate agent will in most cases be able to negotiate a better purchase and selling price than what one could do yourself; in addition, a real estate agent will ensure that the process goes as it should, according to current laws and regulations in Spain. We at Javea Sales & Rentals always use and recommend a lawyer when buying and selling property in Denia.

Real estate agent to buy property in Denia

Before contacting a real estate agent for buying a property in Denia in Spain, it is important to think about what your wishes and needs are. This is of great help to you, and to the real estate agent, and will make sure you do not waste time on properties that do not fit your criteria. Read more about buying a home in Denia

Suggestions on what you should think about:

  • Area – Which city and area would you like to live in?
  • New or a second hand property
  • Property type
  • Stand-alone home with privacy or in an urbanization?
  • Among other expats or mainly spanish locals?
  • How far will you be from an airport, beaches and key amenities such as supermarkets and local restaurants?
  • Private pool or community pool.
  • Garage and parking
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Price range
  • When are you available for property viewings?

  • When your wishes and needs for buying a property is given to the real estate agent, the process of finding your dream home in Spain begins. We at Javea Sales & Rentals work with many real estate agents in Denia, and this gives us one of the largest databases of properties in the area.

    Real estate agent to sell property in Denia

    A real estate agent in Denia knows the real estate market in your area, and has access to recent sales data in your neighborhood, and can help you price your home accordingly. Two of the most important things when selling your home fast, and at the pricerange you want, is a great presentation and effective marketing. There are many properties for sale in Denia, and you need your property to stand out from the crowd to get some attention. Exactly why you should list your property with us in Javea Sales & Rentals. Read more about selling property in Denia

    If you want to sell your property in Denia, rent it out, or need a professional property management service to take care of it, then Javea Sales & Rentals is a great partner for you. We offer an honest current market value of your property. We also give you advice on how to prepare your home for viewing. It will not only ensure that your property in Denia is sold faster, but can potentially add thousands of euros to its value.

    Tips real estate agent Denia

    Great tips on what to think about when choosing a real estate agent in Denia in Spain, and why it is important to hire a real estate agent when buying and selling property.

  • Education and Experience – You do not need to know everything about buying and selling real estate in Denia if you hire a real estate agent who does so. The trick is to find the right person and company to represent you and your needs. The services of the various real estate agents cost about the same, so important to hire a person with experience, and who have worked with buying and selling property in Denia for many years.
  • Neighborhood Knowledge – Real estate agents in Denia know the area in and out, and they can identify and compare sales from other residences in the district. In addition, they have local knowledge about schools, shops and services. This is important as there is also an everyday life in Spain where the whole family needs to enjoy, and have the services they need around them.
  • Property Valuation – If you plan to sell property in Spain, you should get a property valuation from a professional real estate agent. The real estate agent will come in for personal inspection to your house and give you an estimate of what you can sell your home for. The broker learns your home and understands what is unique about it. The agent will describe who the potential buyer is, and lay out a sales plan and strategy for your property.
  • Professional network – Real estate agents in Denia who have worked in the market for a while, usually have a large network of other brokers and professionals. This is very important for several reasons. One important reason is that real estate agent can find you the dream home or a buyer for the home you are selling faster and more efficiently. In addition, they will be able to advise you with good professionals and services if you need accommodation improvements.
  • Negotiating Skills and Confidentiality – A good real estate agents negotiate well because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they can distance themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction. They are professionals who are trained to present the customer’s interests.
  • Higher Sales Price – For many people, real estate agents are perceived as expensive, but if you do not use a real estate agent, it usually cost you even more, because you would sell your house for less than if you would have used an agent.

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